Tuesday, 27 March 2012

A new beginning

Writing a blog seems daunting: Exposing yourself for all the world to see? Scary. But, hey, do one thing that scares you every day and all that... So - deep breath - here we go: After staying at home and looking after my two adorable children for seven years I am finally ready to play being a proper grown-up again. Adult conversations that don't centre around our precious offspring, concerts, exhibitions and hopefully a paid job on the horizon... The first step in that transition is to remember who I used to be, what I love and what inspires me outside my lovely family. The answer to that last question is: mainly music, literature and art.

So in this blog I will note cultural gems that I pick up in Sydney and elsewhere and share what recently got me excited, intrigued, puzzled and delighted.

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  1. My beloved sister - she's back in her life - not just family and responsibilities, but also a person with a lot of sense. I look forward to many wonderful impressions! Kisses, Sandra.